West Virginia: Act Now to Halt Greyhound Abuse!

West Virginia: Act Now to Halt Greyhound Abuse!

Despite overwhelming condemnation of greyhound racing throughout the country, West Virginia is one of the few states that continues to support this notoriously cruel activity. Senate Bill 285 has been introduced in West Virginia to end commercial greyhound racing statewide. Join us in urging the state legislature to end this horror to spare the lives of innocent dogs!

The greyhound racing industry is built on cruelty. Dogs are bred on puppy mill-style farms where they are crowded into metal cages and fed poor quality food, which makes them ill. They are drugged to push them to perform beyond their natural limits and often sustain serious injuries. Since 2008, over 9,000 dogs have been injured while racing in West Virginia, and 3,000 dogs suffered the trauma of broken bones. Once they are no longer considered profitable, worn-out greyhounds are dumped at rescues, which are then forced to foot the bill for their rehabilitation. 

If passed, this bill would eliminate the legal requirements for casinos to hold races and contribute a $15 million subsidy to the state’s greyhound racing industry.

What You Can Do

Grey2K Worldwide, a primary force behind the introduction of this bill, found that 81 percent of West Virginians oppose the state’s involvement in funding greyhound racing. Commercial greyhound racing is already forbidden in 40 states, and it will soon be illegal in Florida.

Please contact your state senators and urge them to support Senate Bill 285 to end commercial greyhound racing statewide.

1) Please call your two state senators by clicking on the link below, entering your zip code, and choosing the West Virginia tab to find the identity and phone number of your two senators.

When the phone is answered, state your name, your town or city, and telephone number. You can then say:

As (senator’s name) constituent, I respectfully urge him/her to cosponsor Senate Bill 285 to end state subsidies to the cruel greyhound racing industry.

2) Please send our letter to your state senators by filling out the form on this page.  

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