2 Cats & 250 Chickens Rescued At I-55 Crash

2 Cats & 250 Chickens Rescued At I-55 Crash

Reward Offered for Safe Return of Dog and Cats Riding in Cab 


Doll Stanley,, (662) 809-4483
Sharon Stone,, (662) 466-0906 


GRENADA, MS. (September 12, 2018) – Animal rescue workers from In Defense of Animals saved two cats and 250 laying hens destined to be made into “make-up and chicken feed” from the wreck of a chicken transport truck which crashed on Interstate 55 just outside Grenada, Mississippi on Thursday, September 6. The charity is now offering a financial reward for the safe return of a missing dog and three cats who fled the scene. 

On Thursday morning, In Defense of Animals campaigner Doll Stanley received a call from Grenada Lake Hospital seeking help to retrieve five cats and a dog who were riding in the cab of a chicken transport truck when it crashed early that morning. Stanley and colleague Sharon Stone immediately headed for the crash site. 

“When we arrived at the crash site it was apparent that there was a need for help for more than the dog and the five cats,” said Sharon Stone of In Defense of Animals. “The cab of the truck was demolished, as was the frame of the trailer containing cages filled with approximately 4,000 crushed and dying chickens who were crying out for help. It was a horrific sight to behold.” 

Sharon Stone summoned her staff from nearby Hope Animal Sanctuary to aid with the dangerous rescue. Video taken at the scene by In Defense of Animals rescuers shows how the team managed to overcome pouring rain and hazardous mud-slicks to save the lives of 250 hens and two cats. 

Ashmore’s Wrecker Service graciously aided the In Defense of Animals team in retrieving and safely capturing approximately 250 “spent” laying hens. The salvage crew pried the sides of the trailer open and video from the scene shows how they then dragged out each of the 2,000 LB cages crammed with chickens. The In Defense of Animals rescue team stood by to remove loosed hens to prevent them from being crushed by the cages when passing over them. 

“It was extremely hazardous work rescuing injured and dying animals on the side of the highway during a bad storm,” said Justice for Animals campaigner Doll Stanley. “Conditions became evermore hazardous by the moment in the pouring rain, with the crash having occurred on a slope that was plowed up by the tractor-trailer as it slid off the interstate. Many hens escaped their broken cages before we could pull their cages from the wreckage making their rescue extremely challenging. Although most of the hens died that day, we are thankful that our brave team saved as many animals as we could with the help of the salvage crew and kind volunteers.” 

Veteran In Defense of Animal campaigner Doll Stanley posted a plea for help on social media to house the rescued animals. She received an amazing response and placed all 250 surviving hens in caring homes. The In Defense of Animals team reunited two cats with their truck-driving guardian when she was discharged from hospital. 

Stanley and volunteer Reece McGregory, a self-acclaimed chicken lover, continued to rescue chickens through Sunday, even locating them at the two wrecking yards that the mangled vehicle was towed to. Approximately thirty rescued chickens sadly succumbed to their trauma, but the remaining chickens are receiving care and are expected to thrive, having cheated death twice. 

Efforts are now underway to locate and retrieve three terrified cats and a dog who were also traveling in the cab but scattered from the crash site. The dog was spotted crossing the interstate and disappearing into the woods. 

In Defense of Animals is now offering a reward of up to $500 for the safe return of missing dog Brittany, a black and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier; Blue, a gray cat; Cricket, a calico cat; and Sofia, a black and white cat. 

Sharon Stone made a plea to the local community, “Anyone who has seen any unfamiliar cats or dogs in the Grenada area matching the description, please contact us immediately on 662-466-0906. Remember to always keep your animals safe by securing them in a carrier when you travel.” 

In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary and Justice for Animals Campaign are working tirelessly to advance the welfare of animals in the Deep South. Hope Animal Sanctuary takes in hundreds of companion animals each year, placing 750 animals through transport in 2017. 

In Defense of Animals’ Justice for Animals Campaign works with judges, prosecuting attorneys, law enforcement officials, legislators, animal advocates, and concerned citizens to pass meaningful regional ordinances and state statutes to deter crimes against animals and to see that crimes are prosecuted to the fullest. In Defense of Animals has aided animal victims and law enforcement with hundreds of cruelty cases in its 25 years in Mississippi. 

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