A Starving Mother and Her Puppies Found Abandoned Under a Decaying House

A Starving Mother and Her Puppies Found Abandoned Under a Decaying House

Can you imagine being tied down by a cord for your entire life?

Trapped in an unsafe environment without shelter?

This is how we found Cisco a few months ago…

Scared and in excruciating pain

…cruelly tethered by a cord that was wrapped around his little leg, nearly severing the limb!

BEFORE: Cisco must have been in agony.

Doll Stanley, our Justice For Animals Campaign Director, worked quickly with local officials in Winona, Mississippi to seize Cisco. Within hours, she freed him from his abusive situation! 

Cisco is finally ready to live out the rest of his life with his furever parents! 


AFTER: Cisco is over the moon to be saved from a life of misery by Doll.


Will you help more dogs like Cisco escape the grasps of their cruel abusers? 

Even $5 will help us rescue animals from sadistic abusers and get justice! 

Our work is essential to prevent animals from enduring lives filled with boredom, suffering, and pain and to strengthen and insist upon enforcement of animal cruelty laws. 

We are now helping a mother dog recover after she was cruelly dumped with her newborn puppies.

Here is what happened:

  • A starving mother and her puppies were found beneath an abandoned home in Grenada, Mississippi a few weeks ago.
  • We instantly rescued all of the puppies and got them spayed/neutered and vaccinated before they were adopted.
  • Tragically, one of the puppies died of parvovirus
  • The poor mother dog, Venus, was terrified of humans. We managed to rescue her and get her medical attention. Sadly, she has tested heartworm positive
  • Venus’ struggle is far from over. She is still healing emotionally and physically from the trauma she experienced. She will stay with us until we are confident she is ready for adoption. 

Starving Venus was forced to birth her puppies under an abandoned house.

Your gift today, of whatever amount you can spare, will go to work IMMEDIATELY to help Venus! 

Sadly, what happened to Venus and her babies is practically a daily occurrence in the Deep South. 

Mothers are abandoned. Without our help, they and their pups would starve to death. 

Please join our Justice for Animals Campaign today... 

...for Venus and all of the suffering and abandoned animals fighting to stay alive.

We’re all in this together...

For justice and a better world for all.