Celebrate Heroes for Animals This National Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week

Celebrate Heroes for Animals This National Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week

Every year the second full week of April is dedicated to honoring humane officers who have devoted their lives to helping animals in need. This year, it’s being celebrated April 12 – 18, and we want to help give them the recognition and applause they deserve for their tireless efforts serving animals and their communities. 

We’ve come a long way since the days when stray animals were at the mercy of dog-catchers, but until community members see these miracle workers in action, their life-saving efforts go largely unnoticed. Yet, every single day, thousands of humane officers across the country are tasked with responding to multiple calls for assistance, aiding frightened and injured animals, and providing comfort, nourishment, vetting and placement. Doing this requires knowledge, skill and a big heart.

Animal Control and Protection Officer Randy Brown helped our Justice for Animals Campaign Director Doll Stanley to rescue horses from extreme neglect in Grenada, Mississippi.

These heroes perform their duties and then some because they care. We salute them and encourage everyone who loves animals to help ensure humane officers have the resources and funding they need to continue doing their jobs. They serve the most vulnerable members of society, but unlike most first responders, they don’t get any of the glory for doing it. 

They see and deal with heartbreaking cases and issues that most of us will never be exposed to, but their work is critical and animals need them. Now, it’s their time to shine. 

You can help get humane officers the recognition for what they do by sending letters to the editor of your local newspaper praising their work, getting a place for them at board meetings when they seek resources and improvements, and by giving them cheerful greetings to help lift their spirits on the toughest days they face. You can also help support them by spreading the word about what they do on social media, being a responsible guardian and by adopting your next furry, feathered, scaled or finned family member!

Animal Control and Protection Officer Arlin Pearson holds Cisco soon after he and Doll Stanley saved Cisco from losing his foot due to severe neglect.

In Defense of Animals and our Justice for Animals Campaign stand with these valiant heroes, and support their efforts as we serve animals together in the heart of the Deep South. Please help us continue helping animals by making a donation to aid our lifesaving work.