Saved! The Dumped Dogs of Bakersfield

Saved! The Dumped Dogs of Bakersfield

Last month we sounded the alarm about an urgent situation in Bakersfield, California. Dozens of abandoned dogs were being shot, eaten by their wild cousins, and dying in the extreme heat. We were determined to rescue them before a blazing hot Fourth of July weekend.

Thanks to gifts from generous In Defense of Animals supporters like you, we worked with local activists to mount an urgent rescue effort. Volunteers and a local rescue representative pulled 35 dogs from a desperate junkyard dump site where locals have been abandoning dogs for a long time.


All the dogs at the junkyard were extremely dehydrated from being outside 24/7 in temperatures over 100 degrees and with little shade, food, or water. Many were malnourished and full of worms. 

One family of huskies we rescued was very sick, suffering from deadly parvo.

Little Sookie & Luke pulled through, thanks to gifts from you!


We have been treating the huskies for the past several weeks in collaboration with a local rescue and veterinarians. It’s been a long road to recovery. Sookie and her brother Logan had to be readmitted to receive more antibiotics and fluids. We continue to keep them under a watchful eye. Luke is now in the loving arms of a foster carer.

While many more animals in Bakersfield are still in need, about 20 others were also rescued and received medical treatment thanks to another local rescue.

Some had behavioral issues, but they were all in need of patience and love. They remain in a safe holding space until their forever homes are found. 

We are proud to collaborate with an extensive network of animal rescues and animal activists across the nation and around the world. Thank you for being among them. 

Passionate In Defense of Animals supporters empowered us to save these dogs through their generous gifts. Because of their dedication, we got to these suffering canines just in time.

If you’re a regular giver, or if you gave to this effort, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. These dogs are alive today, thanks to you. 

If you are not already a regular donor, please consider joining our Animal Advocates team today. Your monthly, quarterly, or annual gift will enable you to be part of all our emergency rescue efforts.