Sad Horse Rescued From Negligent Guardian in Mississippi

Sad Horse Rescued From Negligent Guardian in Mississippi

Kami the horse is no longer yet another sad statistic of equine neglect, indifference, and “possession” in the Deep South. Kami, meaning second chance, was recently freed from abject neglect because of our efforts combined with those of other devoted local animal activists in Mississippi.

Doll Stanley has been rescuing animals and getting justice for them with In Defense of Animals for thirty years. This time, she was aided by Mississippi’s § 97-41-2. Seizure of mistreated animal. This state statute allows for any court to empower law enforcement to seize imperiled animals. More than in just cases of neglect, animals who are impacted by natural disasters, and those without care because their guardian was hospitalized or incarcerated are included.

Unfortunately, a perception of status is given to some property, even when what is lawful “property” is a living, breathing being with autonomy. “I have a horse” clearly gives some humans a sense of status even when the horse is dying of neglect. Disturbingly, as we near the end of the year 2023, animals are legally still nothing more than property. We relish that despite this social mindset, at least some cruelty is addressed, and while not always addressed to the degree we would have wanted, we know that these statutes and ordinances do manage to help.

We were notified that a horse in Webster County was being severely neglected. Doll Stanley received some heartbreaking photos and began setting the wheels in motion. The person who reported Kami’s plight offered the help of a friend to aid us to bring Kami back to vigor and transport her.

Doll Stanley took the photos to a veterinarian who had worked closely with her in Webster County. He, in turn, called Sheriff David Gore to seek his cooperation with a seizure and he was agreeable, at the time.

Stanley then spoke just with Sheriff Gore. Now it was suddenly his perspective that Stanley should speak with the “owner” of the horse. Stanley has plenty of experience determining how best to handle a case. Because Kami’s negligent human guardian had turned down offers for her removal, it was not likely that he would surrender her, and pressuring him with the mention of charges might be interpreted as posing as law enforcement. Luckily, Webster County Justice Court Judge Jerry Jones heard of Stanley’s need. He and his court clerk have enforced justice in past cases that Stanley has brought to court and had a seizure order ready. Stanley was returning from the Snapchat Kitten Killers hearing when she received a call that the seizure order was ready.

Most of the advocates who came forward to help Kami prefer their anonymity, so we haven’t mentioned everyone involved. But, thanks to them, Kami is recovering and relishing her new life with companions and abundant healthy food and water.

We would like to add that Hope Animal Sanctuary, a sanctuary we operate in Mississippi, has been the lovely permanent home to Everett, one of our cherished horses who, thanks also to the Webster County officials, was rescued literally from a chain of death. He was bound with a thick rope and chain to a huge farm tractor tire with zero water or feed for him. The chain had worn into the muscle of his neck. He stood, head hanging and emaciated. A small pond was yards away, out of his reach. From a distrusting stallion to our extraordinary gelding, he has thrived too.

Reflecting on In Defense of Animals campaigns, Dr. Eliott Katz’s Guardians campaign is centermost as his vision of freedom from oppression and horrific exploitations for every species must become fundamental. He would be proud to see that his vision is alive and well with In Defense of Animals President Dr. Marilyn Kroplick.  

In Defense of Animals is in the office deploying and sharing our activities and in-the-field living our mission because of you, kind In Defense of Animals supporters who are the lifeblood donations to put us in action. You were standing with our Justice for Animals’ senior campaigner, Doll Stanley. In Defense of Animals’ mission, advances, and rescues are because of you. Please consider making a donation to support our work on this issue. Thank you for all you do!