VIDEO: Meet the Hope Animal Sanctuary Horses!

VIDEO: Meet the Hope Animal Sanctuary Horses!

Hope Animal Sanctuary isn’t just a world-class rescue and sanctuary for dogs and cats. We also provide a place of refuge and permanent housing to beleaguered horses. Watch our video to meet our friends, Rodney, Shadow, Danielle and Everett, and discover how we turned their lives around, thanks to your support!



Rodney came to us approximately 10 years ago. When Rodney began to lose his sight, his callous guardians turned him out of the pasture onto the roadway. A local veterinarian called and asked us to take Rodney before he was injured. Although he is mostly blind, Rodney enjoys his life at the sanctuary and the company of his companion horse Shadow. He also loves attention from his caregivers!


In 2013, while investigating a report of cruelty to a dog, Hope Animal Sanctuary’s Sharon Stone discovered a horse on the property who had no food and with the only water green with algae. Law enforcement accompanied her to the property and agreed that the horse should not be left. As we began to leave to get a horse trailer, the horse nudged one of the rescuers as if to say, “Please do not leave me.” Less than an hour later, he was safe at Hope Animal Sanctuary. We named him Shadow because he would follow us everywhere! Shadow was adopted out but sadly lost his sight and was returned to us within a few months. He remains a very happy boy who loves to follow his people wherever they go.  


Everett has no left eye. When we rescued him, he was the most pitiful creature you could imagine. He was tethered on a gigantic chain attached to a tractor tire in a pasture with water 20 ft from him, with not a blade of grass near him. Other horses were able to go freely about him, eating and drinking. Everett had been beaten severely, and his eye was ruptured. The chain around his neck had worked its way down into his muscle. Everett was literally standing next to death. We brought him back to Hope Animal Sanctuary, fed him, watered him, had him seen by a veterinarian and had his damaged eye removed. His eye socket and neck healed, but Everett is still distrusting of humans. When we had Everett’s cruel “owner” arrested, he said Everett did it to himself. The man had been misguidedly punishing Everett for being hostile to young horses in the pasture, being ignorant of the fact that foals should never be kept with unrelated stallions. Everett is no longer a stallion, but he still acts like he is! He would love to be a wild horse, and if he were, he would rule the roost!


Danielle’s mother and father were the first two horses In Defense of Animals rescued in Mississippi. We rescued Danielle’s father, and her mother, Dolly, from starvation. As soon as we brought Dolly home to Hope Animal Sanctuary, Danielle was born right there and then. Dolly was so thin that you couldn’t even tell that she was pregnant. Dolly was a good horse, and very protective of her daughter, but not very social. Danielle isn’t very social either, but she loves spending time with Everett and the pair are firm friends.

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