MEDIA RELEASE: Police Chief & ACO Suspended in Mississippi After Shooting Impounded Dogs

MEDIA RELEASE: Police Chief & ACO Suspended in Mississippi After Shooting Impounded Dogs

WINONA, Miss. (March 22, 2023)In Defense of Animals, the international animal protection organization operating Hope Animal Sanctuary and Justice for Animals Campaign in Mississippi, and the Winona Animal Advocacy Group (WAAG) are welcoming a vote by the Winona Board of Alderpersons to temporarily suspend Chief of Police Roshaun Daniels and Animal Control Officer Vidal Anderson for their roles in shooting of all dogs impounded by the city this month. In Defense of Animals and WAAG are maintaining their calls to terminate the city employees.

Chief Daniels recently announced he would take control of animal care duties from the mayor. He directed ACO Anderson, on his first day on the job, to empty the city pound. The pound was full and the dogs’ holding period had long passed. The city was receiving complaints that other dogs were roaming in yards and on the city’s streets. 

Chief Daniels equipped ACO Anderson with a gun and enlisted an inmate to help Anderson transport the impounded dogs near the water treatment center and shoot them.

Within hours a firestorm of condemnation was raging across the city and adjoining counties. On a tip, In Defense of Animals’ Justice for Animals Campaign Senior Campaigner Doll Stanley and WAAG member Carol Griffin uncovered the dead dogs in the city dumpster. Video and photos they took show bloody bodies dumped in plastic bags.


At a meeting on March 21, Stanley represented a standing-room-only audience of citizens who came to vent their emotions over the method the city chose to end the lives of innocent impounded dogs. Protesters held signs outside of city hall and passers honked horns in support of the cause.

“With the aid of Alderwoman Sylvia Clark, our campaign to gain a measure of justice for the Winona pound dogs is hopeful. We are grateful to the Board who ‘suspended them without pay for ten days and put the matter under consideration,’ and we urge them to make the right decision and terminate their employment,” said Stanley. “The very thought that Winona City authorities would choose to save city funds by callously executing trusting and innocent animals is appalling. Animal care must immediately be brought back under control of the mayor, not law enforcement. And the hurting hearts of Winona must act to stop animal homelessness by spaying and neutering our animals, and keeping them safe in our homes or  fenced yards.”

In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary will offer free spays and neuters for dogs adopted from the city pound independently of the city, until the allocated fund is depleted.

Sharon Stone, Operations Manager of In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary said, “Although we are disappointed the board failed to terminate the Chief of Police and the Animal Control Officer, we remain committed to homeless animals in Winona. In Defense of Animals has committed to pay for spay or neuter for any dog adopted from the pound in Winona. In this way, we can help to reduce the numbers of unwanted animals.” 


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More Information: Outrage Mounting Over Shooting of Impounded Dogs in Mississippi

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In Defense of Animals, a 501(c)(3) registered with the state of Mississippi, has worked with law enforcement and the judicial system for 30 years through its Justice for Animals Campaign. The nonprofit rescues, cares for, and places animals with loving guardians at its Hope Animal Sanctuary.

In Defense of Animals is an international animal protection organization based in California with over 250,000 supporters and a 40-year history of fighting for animals, their advocates, and the environment through education and campaigns, as well as hands-on rescue facilities in India, South Korea, California, and rural Mississippi. 

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