WATCH: After Being Nearly Starved to Death, Sophia is Finally Home

WATCH: After Being Nearly Starved to Death, Sophia is Finally Home

In 2021, we aided in the seizure of Drake and Sophia, two dogs who were nearly starved to death in Pontotoc, Mississippi. It’s been a really long road to recovery for both of them, but they’ve overcome what happened to them beautifully and are now safe with loving guardians.


Our Justice for Animals Senior Campaigner Doll Stanley was contacted for help when the dogs were discovered in deplorable conditions, and she arranged to gain custody of Drake and Sophia with the Pontotoc Sheriff’s Department.


Stanley fostered Sophia, and her friend fostered Drake.

After she started feeling better, Sophia became a whirlwind of energy; unless she was sleeping she was spinning, running, and playing with Stanley’s other dogs.

While large, energetic dogs can be a challenge to place, Sophia’s day finally came after the Beisel family saw her photo and contacted Stanley for more photos and videos.


Sophia finally headed north to Pennsylvania a few weeks ago and is now a beloved member of her new family, who’s stayed in touch with us.

Hearing about all of her happy new adventures and new life makes the heartbreak and frustration of rescuing in Mississippi and trying to place dogs with forever homes all worth it.

Drake is also now enjoying his new life as a foster fail.

The thousands of dogs who have been helped by our work in the Deep South would not be possible without compassionate people like you.

To find out more about how you can help, visit our Justice for Animals campaign and Hope Animal Sanctuary.