Abandoned and Injured Potbellied Pig Now Loves Life!

Abandoned and Injured Potbellied Pig Now Loves Life!

People who thoughtlessly bought into the miniature pot belly pig craze a number of years ago are now too often abandoning their defenseless pigs after they get much larger than expected. Adopters are few, and rescues are full. Petunia was one of these unfortunate victims in Mississippi.

This winter, our Justice for Animals Senior Campaigner Doll Stanley received a call from Jeremy Henson, a man seeking help for a pot-belly pig abandoned on his dad’s property. Stanley put the word out that the pig needed a guardian or rescue and Henson continued to feed her.

Sadly, a neighboring dog attacked Petunia in the middle of the night in January. Frightened and in excruciating pain, Petunia escaped and ran for safety. She hid in the carport of a nearby residence. When the resident discovered a pig was in her carport, she called the new and severely unimproved Winona Animal Control Officer to remove Petunia.

Petunia made her way back to the property where she had felt safe. When the cruel ACO discovered where Petunia was, he threatened to shoot her. Henson told the ACO that Stanley was helping to find her a home and was on her way to take Petunia for veterinary care. Petunia’s ears were ripped from the attack she endured. The ACO stated that if he drove by again and saw Petunia, he would shoot her. Jeremy told the ACO if that happened, he would make him TikTok famous. The ACO has resigned.

Stanley arrived, and she and Henson got Petunia into a travel crate, and with some extra help from Henson’s brother, they moved her into Stanley’s car. 

Petunia, despite her horrible ordeal, is a gentle and kind being.

Stanley’s vet has cared for an array of species in the 30 years they have worked together, but he did give her the “oh no” look this time. Nonetheless, Petunia went into surgery shortly within the hour, and one of her ears sadly had to be removed. 

The good news is that the next day Petunia was adopted by a woman who had helped Stanley with the care and placement of rescued horses and now loves her new life.


Petunia represents one of the thousands of animals In Defense of Animals has come to the rescue of because you, our supporters, have stood by us and made our mission successful. We can’t thank you enough, and we’re sure Petunia can’t either. 

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