Hope Animal Sanctuary

Hope Animal Sanctuary

Since 1993, IDA’s Hope Animal Sanctuary has rescued, provided refuge, and fought for justice for abused animals in rural Mississippi. In a region devoid of animal shelters and other vital animal control services, the ongoing work of the Sanctuary is beyond critical in providing hope for animals continuing to suffer in America’s Deep South.

Hope Animal Sanctuary has saved thousands of animals over the years, and not just dogs and cats. The Sanctuary has helped to save other animal species including sheep, pigs, horses, cows, and even chickens. In recent years Hope Animal Sanctuary has even advocated for wild and exotic species however, rescues of this type require specialized facilities not found at Hope Animal Sanctuary. We ensure that all rescued animals receive safe transportation away from harm, provide them with veterinary care, spay and neuter, good food and fresh water, and a lot of love and kindness.

We facilitate the adoptions of hundreds of animals each year, while Hope Animal Sanctuary itself remains home to more than 150 animals. All are survivors of near death due to starvation, beatings and/or other horrors beyond comprehension. Residents at the Sanctuary have been so traumatized that finding homes for them is a near impossibility. We provide permanent sanctuary to them along with the peace and compassion they rightfully deserve.

In Defense of Animals’ Hope Animal Sanctuary carries out endless missions of mercy on behalf of the animals suffering in Mississippi, innocent beings who have nowhere else to turn for help. Thank you for supporting our work. We can’t do what we do without you.


Hope Animal Sanctuary works in partnership with In Defense of Animals’ Justice for Animals campaign to conduct investigations, coordinate raids with local law enforcement, and ultimately rescue animals suffering from starvation, disease, violent abuse and extreme neglect. The Sanctuary has rescued animals suffering at the mercy of puppy mill operators, animal “collectors”, animal dealers and dog-
fighting rings (where emaciated dogs with swollen and bleeding heads were tightly bound to chains), as well as the rescue of exotic species, farmed animals, and companion animals in trouble.


Hope Animal Sanctuary facilitates the adoptions of hundreds of animals each year. Since the great majority of concerned Mississippi guardians are also at full capacity caring for animals, Hope works with several rescue partners to place as many as 350 dogs and cats each year in wonderful forever homes. And for those too traumatized by their past lives - survivors of near death due to starvation, beatings or other horrors beyond comprehension - they have a home for life here, along with the peace and compassion they rightfully deserve.