Severely Neglected Dog Who Nearly Lost a Foot is Starting a Happy New Life

Severely Neglected Dog Who Nearly Lost a Foot is Starting a Happy New Life

A lonely and sad dog tethered all alone outside in Mississippi who nearly lost one of his feet as a result of being tied up is finally safe and sound, thanks to both your support and authorities who took his case of abuse seriously.

Cisco had been routinely tethered outside by his negligent guardian, Antonio Easterwood, at his home in Winona, and was reported to be chronically neglected, often without shelter. He was also frequently seen entangled in the long cord he was tied up with.

ACPO Arlin Pearson holding Cisco at the vet just after he was rescued

In January, Justice Court Judge Larry Bamberg issued a seizure order under the Mississippi Dog and Cat Pet Protection Law of 2011, which allows law enforcement to remove mistreated and neglected animals — and he did it just in time.

Just before Cisco was rescued, Winona Animal Care and Protection Officer Arlin Pearson had received another complaint that Cisco was entangled in his tether. Thankfully, Montgomery County Sheriff Jeff Tomkins immediately sent a deputy to serve the order, and approved Pearson to assist. Doll Stanley, our Justice for Animals Campaign Director, was also instrumental in Cisco’s rescue.

Cisco was in poor condition, and if he hadn’t been rescued that morning, he likely would have lost his foot. He had gotten his body and one of his back feet entangled so badly that circulation had been cut off. Yet despite the pain he was in, he calmly allowed his rescuers to save him. We promptly took him to the Winona Animal Clinic for treatment, and we’re thrilled to tell you that he’s recovered beautifully.

Cisco and Doll Stanley after his second vet appointment.

While we supported Cisco through his recovery, Doll Stanley represented In Defense of Animals in court as affiant on Cisco’s behalf. We were very pleased that Judge Bamberg took this case seriously, and sentenced Easterwood to 90 days in jail. Although the sentence was suspended because of a medical condition suffered by Eastwood, he will have to pay a substantial fine.

In an effort to prevent more cases of abuse like this, Stanley will also be working with officials to get tethering restrictions added to Winona’s animal ordinance

Cisco saying goodbye to his rescuers, ACPO Arlin Pearson’s daughter and Doll Stanley, just before heading north to his new home.

Cisco has since ventured north to Massachusetts, where he was cared for by Pawfect Life Rescue. We are thrilled to share that he has been matched with loving guardians who will give him the life he deserves!

Most importantly, Cisco is now safe and getting a chance to experience being a beloved family member and it’s all thanks to your continued support. Please help more animals like Cisco today by making a donation. Your generosity will make a difference in countless animals' lives!