Tackling Baby Pigs & Throwing Chickens from Rooftops Must End

Tackling Baby Pigs & Throwing Chickens from Rooftops Must End

For over 30 years, the town of Ridgeland, Wisconsin, with a population of about 300 people, has celebrated Pioneer Days, a festival which includes a cruel greased pig chase where frightened young pigs are tackled by children and a Free Chicken Fly which is nothing more than a glamorized chicken toss where as many as 200 terrified chickens are heaved into the frigid mid-winter air, one or two at a time, from the Drunk'n Monkey Bar and Hotel rooftop to carousing crowds below. Help us to put an end to these atrocious Pioneer Days events.

The chicken toss begins with a crowd of boisterous thrill-seekers crowding around the tavern vying with one another to grab the panicked birds who they are allowed to take home once the rooftop throwing session begins. Birds aren't the only animals abused in Ridgeland. It is uncertain just how many pigs are being chased and physically abused by the youth, but any animal being forced to participate in this abuse is one too many. Of additional concern is the issue that children are being taught that the anguish of animals means nothing.

The "Free Chicken Fly" event is held in mid-February every year and will be held on the weekend of February 15th-16th this year, 2020. The date was announced very late yet again, most likely in an attempt to thwart animal advocates' efforts to document the cruelty that this perverse entertainment inflicts on the birds.

"The chickens being subjected to this extremely stressful and terrifying situation are not enjoying themselves. When people derive enjoyment at such events, they do so by debasing their character by seeking thrills through violent acts against unwilling participants. Of greater importance is that such events ‘teach' children and others that it's acceptable to use animals for any human purpose, regardless of how trivial and cruel. Our society needs to foster greater respect for the other creatures with whom we share this planet. The ‘chicken toss' is antithetical to that aspiration. I urge you to use your influence to discontinue this or any other use of animals that is unquestionably inhumane," Nedim C. Buyukmihci, VMD, Emeritus Professor of Veterinary Medicine, University of California-Davis, wrote last year.

We are joining United Poultry Concerns and Wisconsin-based Alliance for Animals in working to put a stop to this barbaric chicken toss on Feb 15, 2020 and to also not forget the plight of the pigs who will also be senselessly abused.

What YOU Can Do

Please call and send our letter to Dunn County officials urging them to take a stand against this event to finally see it ended at long last.

1. Call Dunn County officials and politely urge them to join together to end the senseless Free Chicken Fly and greased pig chase.

Dunn County Sheriff Kevin Bygd (715) 232-1564
Dunn County DA Andrea Nodolf (715) 232-1687
Dunn County 1st Dist. Supervisor Brian Johnson (715) 658-1888

2. Send our letter to Dunn County officials Sheriff Kevin Bygd, Dunn County DA Andrea Nodolf, and Brian Johnson, Dunn County Board of Supervisors to politely urge them to end these events.

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