The Stars Align to Give Pluto the Puppy a New Start!

The Stars Align to Give Pluto the Puppy a New Start!

What started out as yet another call for a lost puppy in Mississippi unfolded into a beautiful story with a very happy ending! Our Justice for Animals Campaign Director, Doll Stanley, received a call from a young woman who requested help for a puppy found in the city of Winona’s materials dumpster. Soon after, the stars aligned, and all of the pieces of the story fell into place!

Stanley arranged to meet the woman at the post office in Winona where she glanced at a free copy of the Winona Times that was in her mailbox. The paper included an ad from the Winona Animal Shelter for an adorable pup. Lo and behold, the young woman arrived with a puppy who appeared to be identical to the advertised puppy in the paper! Could this found pup be a sibling of those at the nearby shelter?

Stanley called Animal Control Officer Arlin Pearson who had lingered after hours to show a man another dog. Stanley took the puppy and met Pearson, who exclaimed, “Pluto, I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” Pluto had been living at the shelter and even had an adopter waiting for him, before he escaped between the fence and the roof!

Stanley learned that Monica, Pluto’s guardian-to-be, was away for the weekend, so she took Pluto home to prevent the little rascal from getting out again. After the weekend passed, Stanley met Monica at the Carroll County Chancery Office where she works. After a joyful welcome by everyone at the office, Monica and her daughter took their new family member home to start their lives together.

No one knows for sure how Pluto got into the dumpster where he was found, but it is safe to say that you never know what circumstances will come together in animal rescue!

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