WATCH: Victory! Woman Gets Almost 6 Years In Jail For Severely Beating Senior Husky With Mallet

WATCH: Victory! Woman Gets Almost 6 Years In Jail For Severely Beating Senior Husky With Mallet

We can’t begin to convey just how thrilled we are about the strong sentencing of Elizabeth Jaimes, who was charged with brutally beating Maya, a 9-year-old husky belonging to her boyfriend’s family, with whom she was living in Tampa, Florida.

For months after Jaimes moved in, Maya's guardian couldn't figure out how her elderly dog kept getting serious injuries that required her to go to the vet for treatment. Her vet finally recommended installing a hidden camera, which uncovered horrifying abuse. 

On May 1, 2023, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department was notified about the abuse and went to investigate. Maya was taken to the Veterinary Emergency Group, where she was determined to have suffered blunt force trauma resulting in a blinded left eye and multiple bone fractures, including spinal injuries.

Deputies were given video from the hidden camera that showed Jaimes restraining Maya with a leash while she forcefully struck Maya repeatedly with a rubber mallet. With full force, Jaimes struck Maya at least 64 times on camera as Maya cried in fear and pain.

Investigators believe Maya's abuse may have begun as far back as October 2022. From then on, she sustained injuries including “skull fractures, a broken jaw, spine and rib fractures, and a broken orbital resulting in blindness in one eye,” among other injuries requiring veterinary treatment.

Jaimes was arrested and charged with aggravated cruelty to animals with a weapon, a second-degree felony. She admitted to her heinous crime, attempting to absolve herself by telling deputies that Maya growled at her. Her boyfriend’s mother filed for an injunction against her.

On May 10, Jaimes was sentenced to 70.8 months (just shy of 6 years) incarceration and must participate in an anger management program. Upon her release, she is required to serve three years probation, register with the animal abuser registry, and be prohibited from having any animals.

More than 15,000 In Defense of Animals supporters signed onto our petition to 13th District State Attorney Susan Lopez calling for maximum prosecution and sentencing, a mental health evaluation, mandatory treatment, and an order that Jaimes be prohibited from engaging with animals.

“We are grateful to State Attorney Lopez for her strong prosecution and the judge for passing a strong sentence for this despicable case of severe and sustained animal abuse. It’s a miracle that Maya survived, and we hope this sentence can help her and her family heal from the trauma. When the justice system works for animals like this, it sends a strong message and prevents such horrors.”

 - Doll Stanley, Senior Justice for Animals Campaigner for In Defense of Animals

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