We Can't Stop Asking Who Will Let the Dogs Out?

We Can't Stop Asking Who Will Let the Dogs Out?

We Can't Stop Asking Who Will Let the Dogs Out?

Our very own Doll Stanley, In Defense of Animals' Justice for Animals Campaign Director, aided a local group recently for the second time this year. Grenada Friends of the Shelter, an all volunteer group that has won the respect and cooperation of city leaders, was helped by the organizing of another "Who Will Let the Dogs Out?” fundraiser.

The event was held on Friday the 14th of April to accommodate the "impoundment" of Mayor Billy Collins, of Grenada, Mississippi in the city shelter. Doll Stanley participated in the impoundment event as did animal control (humane) officers, Randy Brown and Amos Johnson. City Manager Trey Baker and a pack of volunteers working under the directorship of Lindsey Yawn on the Grenada Friends of the Shelter team too were impounded.

The goal for the "adoption" of the city officials and volunteers was a collective $5,000. The fundraiser was wholeheartedly responded to. With donations still being received, it's expected that donations for the vetting and care of animals readied for adoption and transport will exceed the goal set for the event.

Friends of the Grenada Shelter formed to transform the Grenada Shelter, which is a city and county facility,. Working with both the city and regional rescues has worked to unite guardians with most of the sheltered animals. The animal control officers cared for the animals they impounded for their health and safety, but they had little time for handling adoptions or to give the dogs the exercise and interaction they craved.

The shelter has become the stepping stone for animals who have largely experienced the perils of life. These precious individuals can now be given the resources and the loving care they direly need and deserve from a civil society. In Defense of Animals- Justice for Animals Campaign and Hope Animal Sanctuary continue to unite to provide helping hands and to form coalitions to advance legislative goals, seek justice for cruelly treated animals, and to share resources.

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