Puppy Mills: The Shameful Secret Everybody Knows

Puppy Mills: The Shameful Secret Everybody Knows

Puppy mills are one of any number of cruel and practically criminal enterprises that operate virtually in plain sight throughout the entire country. Theyevade any meaningful regulations with fraudulent health certificates to cover up and disguise mistreated and over-bred mother dogs and their suffering pups - countless mothers and their puppies who have never known a kind word or gentle embrace,all part of constant stream of innocent lives to feed pet stores an endless supply of suffering, traumatized pups. 

In Defense of Animals President Marilyn Kroplick recalls the day that her world and life changed when her own puppy-mill tragedy unfolded before her eyes,“My pet store puppy, Bernard, was sick and dying in my arms, and so with tears streaming down my face I made him the only promise I could,”I will uncover the truth about what they did to you. And Iwill make it right!”

She explains, “It is deeply moving for me to write you with news of this campaign because Ban Puppy Mills Forever brings us full circle to the very issue that first opened my eyes to the abuses that humans inflict on innocent animals in the name of profit. You’ve been such a friend to the lifesaving work of In Defense of Animals. Please take this next step with us now for the animals we love so muchand ban puppy mills forever.”

The time has finally come to fulfill the promise that was made that fateful day, and with your donation now to keep the samepromise to everypuppy mill puppy, worn-out mama breeder dog, and overused captive stud dog.Our vision is nothing less than an America where freedom from endless reproduction and heartless living conditions is protected by strong and enforceable laws. Your donation of $25, $35, or even $50 right now makes it your vision too.

You’ve already told everyone you know, “Adopt, don’t shop!”

Now - your donation today will help us push to amend the federal Animal Welfare Act, and help us press for better USDA requirements for cage sizesand set extreme weather limits. $25 today will fund investigations into what laws of the land can force the abysmal Amish puppy mills to follow state animal welfare legislation.  $35 today will get us collaborating on the phone lines and face to face with those who have already been able to ban the sale of mill dogs in pet stores. $50 right now will support critical background-gathering that uncovers how puppy sales are regulated on places like Craigslist and Facebook, hot spots for backyard breeding operations.

Until we close every last puppy mill forever, pet stores get to profit off the backs and bodies of sick dogs and pups like poor, loving, little angel Bernard.

Please join us in this urgent new fight with the most generous contribution you can.

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