Shut Down Petland’s Puppy Mill Scam!

Shut Down Petland’s Puppy Mill Scam!

When you welcome a new companion into the family, it should be a joyous occasion, but for hundreds of new guardians, it has led to heartbreak. Puppies bought at Petland are regularly sick. Many die as a result of exploitative breeding practices and sheer negligence. Act now to stop ruthless Petland operatives from selling filth, disease, and lies to unsuspecting consumers.

In September of 2017, there was a multi-state outbreak of Campylobacter, an illness that can be spread via contact with dog feces that can be life threatening to some people. Lab tests performed by the CDC linked the outbreak to the Ohio-based Petland.

Some 490 customers have reported complaints of sick puppies from Petland. The complaints are a gut-wrenching read, and the story is the same over and over. People spend thousands of dollars on a Petland puppy. When they get their new friend home, the puppy is soon found to be very sick. Veterinarians do their best to heal the sick dogs, but some of them don’t make it.

It’s not just customers reporting the Petland scam. Former Petland employees have spoken out against deplorable conditions and horrific actions taken out on sick puppies at their facility. One former employee stated that she would observe puppies coming into the facility several times per week that were ill and deformed. On one occasion, she interrupted an employee meeting while holding a very sick puppy in her hands. Staff didn’t take the puppy to the vet. Instead, they unlawfully began giving an IV line from a bag of water into the  ill pup's back. As the pup's condition grew direr, she repeatedly urged that the puppy be taken to the vet. As soon as the pup passed out, she turned the baby over to another employee, exited the premises and notified Animal Services.

Petland’s precious victims come from vast commercial facilities breeding dogs in mass quantities as rapidly as they can - puppy mills. Little regard is given to the living conditions of the animals who are forced to endlessly reproduce.

Petland is reportedly asking between $2,300 to $12,000 per puppy, and many people are saying that they have been scammed or defrauded by Petland. These shady practices have become so severe that HSUS members filed a class action lawsuit in July of 2017 against Petland.

Judging by the heartbreaking stories that continue to fill up Consumer Affairs’ site, it seems to be business as usual for Petland. 

HSUS undertook an investigation whereby their investigators visited various Petland stores in Georgia and discovered they were buying from some of the most notorious puppy mills in the nation.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund claims Petland stores are deceitfully selling puppies they know are susceptible to abnormalities and sickness despite a supposed “guarantee” by licensed breeders by the USDA and a clean federal inspection report.

If these puppy mills are passing USDA inspections, it seems very obvious that their federal breeding regulations and health and facility inspections are grossly out of date and promote ongoing cruelty.

Stop this endless nightmare for Petland puppies! Take action now to get Petland to stop selling sick animals from cruel mass mills.

What You Can Do

1) Contact Petland on Twitter. You can say:
@petland stop selling sick dogs from #puppymills

2) Send our letter to Petland’s CEO Joe Watson by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page, asking him to partner with shelters to rescue dogs rather than selling sick dogs from puppy mills.


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