Urgent: Tortured Dogs & Cats Must Get Second Chance

Urgent: Tortured Dogs & Cats Must Get Second Chance

After subjecting innocent animals to torturous laboratory experiments, providing those animal victims with forever homes is the very least that humans can do. The Australian government is currently considering a regulation that would mandate that dogs and cats be released to rescue, instead of being callously killed. We must act now to ensure the safe release of animals who are currently killed after animal experiments! 

While cosmetic testing is banned in Australia, thousands of animals are still used for other forms of cruel experiments. Hundreds of dogs and cats are tortured to test the effects of hormones or drugs. Psychological studies are also conducted, which may have included starvation and depriving animals of their most basic needs. Animals victims may also be exposed to infectious diseases or painful arthritis studies. The laws in Australia allow for animals to be rehomed after the experiments are complete, but tragically, the vast majority of animals are mercilessly killed once the experimentation is over. 

Last year, the Animal Justice Party’s upper house member Mark Pearson introduced a Right to Release bill that would have mandated that dogs and cats in laboratories have the right to be made available for adoption. However, the bill was declined based on the claim that it should be passed as a regulation rather than legislation. In September, The Minister for Agriculture, Adam John Marshall, who is responsible for animal welfare regulations, said the matter is currently under consideration. 

What You Can Do: 

Please send a message to the Hon. Adam John Marshall, Minister for Agriculture, and urge him to support regulation changes to save the victims of animal experiments.  After enduring years of painful procedures and deprivation, these animals deserve a chance at happiness. Please send our email by filling out the form on this page.

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