Anchors of CBS This Morning Celebrate Pig Slaughter

Anchors of CBS This Morning Celebrate Pig Slaughter

CBS This Morning is a major morning news program that has recently been attracting new viewers with the charm of its anchors. That charm misfired when anchors Nora O’Donnell and Gail King went off-script to giggle about bacon. Many animal-loving viewers have not been able to watch the show since. Bacon is no joke: it means a lifetime of suffering for animals. TV stations have a responsibility to not make light of animal cruelty. 

The hosts’ complete disregard, if not ignorance, of the pervasive, egregious torture involved in the factory farming and slaughterhouse industries encourages animal suffering and disturbs audience members aware of the abuse of pigs inherent in bacon production. Act now to encourage CBS to stop joking about animal cruelty.

O’Donnell told King the best compliment she had received was that her house “always smells like bacon.” King agreed, “That is a great compliment, Nora. I love me some bacon!” The pair giggled into the break.

Informed viewers, sensitive to the suffering of pigs and other farmed animals could well imagine the smell of bacon, and the stench of a slaughterhouse where terrified pigs peer from trucks on the way to slaughter before being hanged upside down, stunned and bled to death.

CBS producers need to know that animals die for meat, and joking about it is offensive and promotes animal suffering. Join us and other activists in urging CBS to apologize for making light of animal suffering and offer more enlightened programming that will not blunt viewers to animal harm or traumatize viewers sensitive to the suffering of animals.

What YOU Can Do:

1. Call CBS and ask the station to be more sensitive to their viewers who care about animals, including vegans and vegetarians, when making public comments. Remind them to refer to all sentient beings with respect. 

Call the CBS Newsroom and ask for Ryan Kadro, Executive Producer, CBS This Morning, CBS Broadcast Center, (212) 975-2824 

2. Comment on the following social media pages of the CBS executives and CBS This Morning below:

Ryan Kadro, Executive Producer, CBS This Morning, CBS Broadcast Center, 

David Rhodes, President of CBS News,

CBS This Morning,

3. Send our letter, by filling out the form on the right-hand side of the page, urging CBS to promote compassion for animals instead of unnecessary cruelty.  Please personalize if you have the time.

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