Celebrate Activist Appreciation Month Online!

Celebrate Activist Appreciation Month Online!

We’ve scheduled a whole host of special online events to celebrate Activist Appreciation Month this February with YOU, our community of animal activists around the globe! Register now to reserve your spot for our free webinars with practical tools to improve your health, wealth, and wellbeing so you can flourish as an animal activist.

Don’t miss our exclusive Activist Appreciation Month webinars:

February 7: Interfaith Activists Include Animal Advocates with Lisa Levinson

February 7: Improve Your Finances to Enhance Your Activism with financial coach Adam H. Kol

February 14: Attune Your Intuition to Empower Your Activism with spiritual intuitive Jess Ang

February 26: How to Thrive as a Vegan Activist with Dr. Will Tuttle

February 28: Tell Us Your Rescue Stories support group with Lisa Levinson

Visit our Activist Appreciation Month webpage for our full event program.

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