How to Thrive as a Vegan Activist

How to Thrive as a Vegan Activist

In honor of Activist Appreciation Month, we’re offering a special webinar with Dr. Will Tuttle, author of the bestseller The World Peace Diet and 39-year vegan advocate who will discuss the spiritual, emotional, and psychological dimensions of thriving as vegans in a not-yet vegan world. Join our webinar for practical tools you can use every day to flourish as a vegan activist.

Will shares essential keys to advocacy that are effective, rewarding, and positively transformational. He offers practical and helpful ways to start off each day, including behaviors and attitudes we can practice and adopt to more fully embody the vegan evolution to a society based on respect, kindness, abundance, and harmony.

Join our Activist Appreciation Month webinar with Will on Tuesday, February 26, 11 am – 12 pm. PT (2 pm – 3 pm. ET). Participate by phone or online.

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What helps you thrive as a vegan activist? Tell us on the Facebook event page.

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