Financial Abundance Mindset for Animal Activists

Financial Abundance Mindset for Animal Activists

Imagine a world where animal activists had mass quantities of wealth. How would this new reality influence our governments, legislation, private industries, and international affairs? When we listen to our inner dialogue, we can understand and release prosperity blocks to create financial abundance. Join our webinar with activist and educator Karen Ellis-Ritter for keys to increase your financial flow!

Karen co-founded Compassionate Farming Education Initiative (CFEI), to educate consumers, shift mass industry towards vegan products, and create a new ethics-based, conscious-consumer model. In this webinar, Karen explores how our underlying beliefs about money and wealth impact our financial wellbeing. She shares tools to transform our beliefs and co-create a more compassionate world.  In the words of Sonia Ricotti, “You don’t manifest what you want - You manifest what you believe.” 

Karen joins our next Sustainable Activism Webinar on Thursday, April 4, 5 pm – 6 pm PT (8 pm – 9 pm ET). You can join this live webinar via phone or online or listen to the replay later.

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