Join Us for Three Activist Events to Nurture Your Spiritual Self!

Join Us for Three Activist Events to Nurture Your Spiritual Self!

The spiritual side of animal activism includes faith-based vegan advocacy and spiritual practices that help us cope with the grief, despair, and burnout that we face while helping animals. Meditation, yoga, and sacred ritual can empower activists and nurture resilience. That’s why we’re offering three upcoming events to address the spiritual side of animal activism!

● November 1-7 (Toronto, Canada): Vegan banquet and Interfaith Vegan Coalition booth to Promote Veganism at the Parliament of World Religions

● November 8 (online): Let Yoga Inspire Your Animal Activism with yogi, author, wellness coach Meenakshi Angel Honig who shares her journey from yoga to animal activism 

● November 30-December 9 (Maui & Hawaii Islands): Vegan Spirituality Retreat: The Hawaiian Dream with Alessandra Rupar-Weber, Ayako Hashimoto, Lisa Levinson, Rae George, and Vanessa Marsot who will nurture your spiritual self with yoga, meditation, vegan cooking classes, self-care workshops, sacred site excursions, and activist healing ceremonies 


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