Making Connections at Vegan World 2026 Conference

Making Connections at Vegan World 2026 Conference

We joined forces with animal advocacy organizations and individuals from around the world to lay the foundation for a new global paradigm of compassion for all sentient beings at Climate Healers’ Vegan World 2026 Conference recently. The conference offered opportunities to brainstorm, plan, and initiate global change. Read on to learn how you can get involved!

During the conference, In Defense of Animals President Marilyn Kroplick, MD, announced the role our Carnivores Anonymous program can play to veganize our world. Sustainable Activism Campaign Director Lisa Levinson described how our Interfaith Vegan Coalition makes faith-based vegan advocacy easy during a panel discussion after the screening of the new documentary “A Prayer for Compassion.” Everyone rejoiced during the Souls Unfolding Vegan Service on Sunday, which connected us heart to heart. 

This working conference was a huge success! Participants discussed ways to transition to a vegan world in topic-specific breakout sessions. Then we brainstormed how our vegan society will function and resolve issues. The next conference will take place in Israel during February of 2019. Join in this inspiring movement to create a safer world for all animals by 2026!

Watch this JaneUnchained interview with Climate Healers founder Sailesh Rao, who implores us to prevent year zero by going vegan now.

Experience the conference virtually on the Facebook event page.


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