Practice Safe Animal Activism with Our April Online Events!

Practice Safe Animal Activism with Our April Online Events!

We’re considering your health and safety during this month with protective measures against COVID-19. Join us to stay connected and uplifted during these trying times! First, therapist Gillian Walters helps us maintain activist resiliency and practice self-care. Then, celebrate Golden Rule Day for all animals, join a virtual protest, and laugh with the Vegan Black Metal Chef.

Connect with fellow activists during our April online events!

April 2: Maintain Activist Resiliency with Therapist Gillian Walters (online event)

Activist burnout from sexism, racism, and infighting can lead to permanent withdrawal from the animal liberation movement. How can we as vegan animal activists practice self-care individually and maintain resiliency as a movement? Gain a deeper understanding of activist trauma, create a personalized self-care plan, and expand your sense of community while forming a call to action during our conversation with author and therapist Gilliam Walters. Register for free to join live or watch the replay!

April 5: Celebrate Golden Rule Day with our Vegan Message (online event)

Join our Interfaith Vegan Coalition for International Golden Rule Day, an annual online 24-hour live event when people from around the world answer the question, “Why does the Golden Rule matter now?” via discussions, music, poetry, prayers, and ceremonies. Watch our video with a strong vegan message of compassion for all beings during the live broadcast.

April 7: Heal The Bay #StealtheBay Virtual Protest

Join our virtual protest with key organizers and guest speakers to stop the bulldozing of Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve, which contains one of the last remaining wetlands in Los Angeles. Destroying Ballona will remove vital habitat for many animals, ruin underlying aquifers, pollute upstream water, allow trash into this fragile ecosystem, and add more carbon into our atmosphere. Environmental organization Heal The Bay backs the fake restoration and receives substantial donations from SoCal Gas, which has financial interests in the land. Register for free to join live and to discover how you can help!

April 16: Meet the Vegan Black Metal Chef (online event)

Vegan Black Metal Chef Brian Manowitz combines his passions for vegan cooking and metal music to create an unlikely combination of amazing food, music, and sarcasm celebrated by his devoted worldwide followers. We can’t wait to hear Brian’s vegan story during our Carnivores Anonymous online meeting! Join live or watch the replay when you register for free!


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