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In Defense of Animals started the Interfaith Vegan Coalition, which is comprised of vegan religious and spiritual groups and individuals working together to provide animal liberation materials, resources, and support to activists. We help groups and individuals find ways to show spiritual leaders and people of faith how their religions mandate harmlessness to animals. We offer concrete tools, achievable goals, and public recognition to spiritual and religious communities as they bring their scriptural and heart-centered values of love and compassion into alignment with their daily actions, worship practices, holiday rituals, prayers, and community activities.

Our goals are to:

Organize a free, online conference with multi-day online speeches by well-known vegan spiritual leaders. The event will synchronize with the release of Thomas Jackson’s documentary, “The Compassion Project," slated for January of 2018.

Share this declaration, which calls upon all people of faith to commit to the highest spiritual ideal of harmlessness to all sentient beings and to creating a world of peace and freedom for all: 

The Interfaith Vegan Coalition declares that all life is sacred and interconnected. Our mission is to work with all faith and secular wisdom traditions to end human-caused violence, domination, and exploitation toward all beings. Finding that most traditions, at their core, encourage nonviolence, loving-kindness, and harmlessness toward all life, the Interfaith Vegan Coalition assists these traditions to bring their ideals to fruition. This includes promoting vegan living, which makes it possible for all beings to thrive and be free.

Provide religion-specific Advocacy Kits for individuals who want to help their places of worship to adopt vegan values including workbooks, flyers, films, lists of suggested speakers, and more for religious education, sermons, workshops, potlucks, and other faith-based activities. 

Advocacy Kits

You are welcome to download and share the following religion-specific Advocacy Kits and non-denominational 8-Step Advocacy Tips. We're in the process of completing several additional kits. Stay tuned for more! 

General Resources for All Faiths

Christian Advocacy Kit

Hindu Advocacy Kit

Jain Advocacy Kit

Jewish Advocacy Kit

Quaker Advocacy Kit

Unity Advocacy Kit

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