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Our Mission

The Interfaith Vegan Coalition (IVC) is a program of In Defense of Animals. Our mission is to help activists and spiritual leaders bring vegan values to spiritual, ethical, and religious communities. We provide religion-specific Advocacy Kits with resources to help you veganize your place of worship and a General Advocacy Kit that can be adapted to any tradition. These free Kits are designed to show how most traditions mandate harmlessness to animals. Try the activities suggested in these Kits to align the scriptural and heart-centered values of love and compassion with worship practices, holiday rituals, prayers, and community activities. Contact us to join the coalition and attend our quarterly online meetings. We welcome people from all faiths and wisdom traditions. 

Our Vision

The Interfaith Vegan Coalition works with all faith and secular wisdom traditions to abolish human-caused violence, domination, and exploitation of our animal cousins and the earth. Because all life is interconnected and sacred, stopping these practices will help to end world hunger, stop environmental devastation, and bring peace to the world for all people and animals. The guiding ideals of most traditions are nonviolence, loving-kindness, and harmlessness. The world is in dire need of a deep spiritual and ethical awakening. Faith and wisdom traditions have the power to help humanity awaken, reach these ideals, and bring peace and healing to the earth and all who call it home. Together, we can manifest this transformative vision.

Free Advocacy Kits

Please download and share the religion-specific Advocacy Kits and the non-denominational General Advocacy Kit below. Each Advocacy Kit contains ideas for rituals and community gatherings, quotes, stories, videos, books, articles, songs, and more. To help us assemble an Advocacy Kit for your religion, please email

General Resources for All Faiths

Christian Advocacy Kit

Hindu: Advaita Vedantin Advocacy Kit

Jain Advocacy Kit

Jewish Advocacy Kit

Quaker Advocacy Kit

Unity Advocacy Kit

Interfaith Vegan Coalition - flyer

Advocacy Kits Coming Soon:  Bahai, Buddhist, Catholic, Episcopalian, Hindu: Hare Krishna, Islamic, Pagan, Presbyterian, Unitarian Universalist, Methodist, Zoroastrian 



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