Ready to Build Your Activist Resiliency?

Ready to Build Your Activist Resiliency?

For many of us, animal activism feels like a fulltime job. We often struggle with exhaustion and frustration from the sheer volume of work needing to get done so animals are protected from harm. This work can range from convincing friends to go vegan, to adopting yet another homeless kitten, to confronting a neighbor who doesn’t take adequate care of his dog. To continue advocating for animals, we need to build activist resilience. Join our webinar with activist self-care coach Allison Rivers Samson, who shares tips to give our best instead of what’s left!

An award-winning vegan chef, plant-based nutrition expert, author, and fitness instructor, Allison honed her skills to help activists make room for themselves, turn workouts into personal play dates, and make healthy eating feel indulgent. In our webinar, she provides tools to combat burnout, practice self-care, build resiliency, address emotional challenges, and to say “yes” by saying “no.”

Connect with Allison during our next Sustainable Activism Webinar on Thursday, May 3, 5 pm – 6 pm PT (8 pm – 9 pm ET). You can join this live webinar via phone or online or listen to the replay later.

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