Recharge Your Activism This September

Recharge Your Activism This September

Join our free online interviews and activist support groups to help you take effective action for animals at home and around the world! First, hear inspiring stories about visionary vegan women and later in the month, join us to brainstorm ways to help animals suffering in the Amazon.

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September 12: Do you want to fearlessly answer the call of your highest spiritual self? Join our interview with Visionary Vegan Woman producer Kate Ballo who believes we can begin to manifest peace for all beings when we embrace our authentic selves. As Kate mentors others on an inner journey of transformation, she nurtures a movement to transform the future for animals and the earth.

September 26: You’ve probably read horror stories and seen heartbreaking photographs of animals suffering in the Amazon fires. Because you care, you want to help, but the situation feels overwhelming. How can you help Amazon animals when you live so far away? Join our support group to brainstorm effective strategies to save the Amazon. You can make a real difference right from your own home!

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