Russia: Stop Poisoning Stray Dogs and Cats for Soccer

Russia: Stop Poisoning Stray Dogs and Cats for Soccer

Thousands of stray dogs and cats are being brutally poisoned by the Russian government right now. Russia is to host the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup starting in June and running through July, which is the most popular soccer competition in the world. We must act now to stop the cruel poisoning of tame stray dogs and cats happening in preparation for this event.

So far, the Russian government has spent over a million dollars to kill stray animals in 11 host cities by hiring special pest-control companies, breaking its own laws that prohibit the killing of stray animals for population control. Activists have reached out to the government to stop the bloodshed, but thousands of stray animals as well as unintended wild animal victims continue to be poisoned. Russian animal activists have taken legal action to cancel the extermination contracts, held massive protests in many cities, and reached out to international media for help. To date, FIFA has declined to comment about the cruelty caused on its behalf.  Activists continue to receive tragic news daily as the death toll rises.

Witness the suffering of two stray dogs who were poisoned to death on February 9. 

Watch the video of activists marching to protest the killing.

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What YOU Can Do:

We must stand in solidarity with animal activists around the globe demanding the cancellation of governmental contracts with pest-control companies for the mass killing of stray animals. Russian activists need your urgent help to pressure FIFA to use its influence to end this tragedy! Thousands of stray dogs and cats and other wild animals are depending upon you to take action.

1. Tweet to FIFA @FIFAcom urging its officials to tell the Russian government to cancel the contracts to kill stray animals immediately.

Use the hashtag: #bloodyFIFA2018

2. Sign our letter to FIFA officials in solidarity with international animal activists, by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page.

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