Stop Jordan’s Barbaric War on Dogs!

Stop Jordan’s Barbaric War on Dogs!

We’re outraged that Jordan’s most senior religious leader has declared a “War on Dogs" by issuing a fatwa, which is a religious instruction to Muslims. As a result, an inhumane dog massacre is taking place that aims to exterminate every single street dog in the country. Take action now to stop this barbaric genocide and support the local activists who are fighting this unjust decree.

As of October of 2017, Jordan’s Grand Mufti, Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalaileh issued an insane religious proclamation urging citizens to kill all street dogs after an incident where one dog who had rabies bit one child. This child tragically later died because the hospital she was taken to failed to administer simple anti-rabies drugs to her. Killing all members of one species because one member of that species was ill and dangerous is barbaric, unfair, and illogical. The proclamation ignores both the teachings of Prophet Mohammad, who repeatedly forbade cruelty to animals, and the World Health Organization, which warns against ineffective dog killings and instead encourages mass vaccination to eliminate rabies.

Despite the fact that Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalaileh has no official government position, his followers include government officials, who do his bidding. In one city, officers reported that they had shot and poisoned 800 dogs. By now, thousands of dogs have been brutally killed by unthinking people following this misguided religious proclamation. The indiscriminate poisonings will also kill untold numbers of wild animals.

Jordan must recognize that animals are thinking, feeling individuals who want to live! Encouraging generation after generation to abuse animals will create larger societal issues for Jordan to face. After all, we know that animal abuse is strongly linked with child abuse, domestic abuse, and violent crime.

Don't let these precious dogs suffer horrific deaths by poison or bullets because of misplaced religious zeal! Support local activists and encourage the Jordanian government to use humane methods to stabilize stray dog populations and contain rabies outbreaks. 

What YOU Can Do:

Demand an end to the ruthless killing of helpless stray dogs by taking the following steps. 

1) Many religions teach respect for animals. Reach out to people of faith using our advocacy kits.

2) Communicate over social media with respectful comments to Jordan’s leaders.

Comment on Jordan’s Grand Mufti, Dr. Mohammad Al-Khalaileh's Facebook page.

Tweet to King Abdullahll.

Tweet to Queen Rania Al Abdulla.

3) Sign our letter to government officials demanding an end to the killing, by filling out the form on the right-hand side of this page.


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