Tell UCLA: No More Animal Experiments!

Tell UCLA: No More Animal Experiments!

Join Progress for Science, Los Angeles for Animals, Liberation Los Angeles and In Defense of Animals for the annual World Week for Animals in Laboratories outreach and march through the UCLA campus. We march in solidarity with and on behalf of all animals who suffer at the hands of misguided, money-orientated scientists. 

Certain sectors of the medical research industry are doggedly clinging to outmoded, inaccurate, and deceptive animal ’models’ of human disease. These medical researchers are lagging behind the rest of the cutting-edge scientific community. Their experiments on animals harm both animals and humans who need real cures, not dud science.

For decades, UCLA professors have addicted monkeys and other animals to drugs, while human addicts are denied treatment resources. A shocking seventy-three percent more animals were used in experiments in recent years! 

We demand that UCLA reassess its research funding, use 21st century research techniques, end repetitive animal research, and stop needless animal cruelty!

Animals suffer in silence behind the closed, locked labs at UCLA. Let’s voice our opposition and remind UCLA that we will fight until all the cages are unlocked and animals are freed. 

What: UCLA March for World Week for Animals in Laboratories

When: Friday, April 27, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Where: Intersection of Le Conte Ave. and Westwood Blvd., UCLA Campus, Los Angeles, CA 90024 (map)

We will gather at the corner of Le Conte and Westwood and march through campus to the Chancellor's office in Murphy Hall, stopping outside the vivisection labs on our return. Take Public Transit, carpool, or visit Parkopedia for parking options.

We will supply informational flyers and some posters. You’re welcome to make your own. People will read your signs if they’re creative! Include the message that animal experimentation is cruel, bad science, and misuses our tax dollars. Please bring reusable drinking bottles. Wear walking shoes and sunscreen, if needed. There’s no dress code for this march. Feel free to wear a bloody lab coat or related activist attire! 

Arrange carpools and get motivated on the Facebook event page. RSVP now!

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