The Moth Story Hour Promotes Animal Torture & Speciesism

The Moth Story Hour Promotes Animal Torture & Speciesism

The Moth Story Hour is a nationally syndicated radio show featuring tales by professional storytellers and amateurs who want to share their stories, which are often inspiring and transformative. Recently, The Moth aired a tragic tale of a rattlesnake who was skinned alive by the storyteller, who glorified this helpless creature’s death by holding her still beating heart in his hand to proclaim he found “life.” Unfortunately, the storyteller’s discovery of life cost this rattlesnake her own. We can't allow this smug "self exploration" which involves the annihilation of someone else to masquerade as enlightenment.

As a public radio show, The Moth has a social and moral responsibility to promote kindness toward animals instead of abject cruelty. Millions of listeners will hear this story celebrating a barbaric ritual of capturing thousands of live snakes, placing them in a specific area to be “found” by participants, skinning them alive, and smearing their blood on the walls in the name of “strappy sandals.”

As a decent person with a moral compass and as one who cares about all animals as well, this story is both tragic and traumatic to hear. Join us and other activists in urging The Moth to remove this bloodthirsty tale of animal torture from its online library and request instead that future stories are selected that promote kindness, respect, and compassion for animals, regardless of their species.

To listen to this story on the Moth, click here (graphic content warning). 

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