Top 7 Activist Self-Care Tips

Top 7 Activist Self-Care Tips

Most activists reach out for help after they’ve become a victim of compassion fatigue, which is the feeling of being emotionally overwhelmed that comes from caring for others without honoring your own physical and emotional needs. Whether you’re just starting to get active in the struggle to protect animals or you’re a longtime animal rights activist, practicing self-care will help you feel uplifted while helping animals. Here are a few essential ingredients for your self-care practice:

  1. Take physical care of yourself. Get plenty of rest, exercise daily, and eat healthy vegan meals regularly.
  2. Take emotional care of yourself. Observe your inner dialogue. Speak to yourself with kindness and compassion. Forgive yourself when you make a mistake or don’t accomplish your goals. Set boundaries when needed.
  3. Practice mindfulness meditation. A few minutes of daily meditation can help you feel grounded, balanced, and ready for action.
  4. Join a local or online activist or vegan group. By attending protests or potlucks, you can make friends who share your values. Online webinars or support groups are other convenient ways to cultivate activist friendships.
  5. Enjoy creative hobbies. Whether you like to write, dance, sing, or draw, feeling joyful can boost your immune system and recharge your activist batteries.
  6. Spend time in nature. Sitting outdoors, walking in a park, or hiking on a trail can help you feel connected to the plants and animals that you’re working to protect while refreshing your body, mind, and spirit.
  7. Seek emotional support when you feel overwhelmed, angry, or sad. In Defense of Animals provides free counseling for activists by phone, text, email, and online chat:, (800) 705-0425. 

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