Transform Your Grief and Heal Your Body With Vegan Food

Transform Your Grief and Heal Your Body With Vegan Food

Join our free online presentations and support groups to connect with fellow animal advocates and be inspired. This August, we’re featuring grief specialist Jessica Headley and health educator Lisa Karlan for your emotional and physical wellbeing. Tune in to our August online events! 

August 1: What can grief can teach us about ourselves? Can grief become our ally and partner in deepening our work to protect animals? Join our webinar with grief specialist Jessica Headley who shares meaningful ways to hold our grief with love and courage in community.

August 15: Do you want to make informed food choices for disease prevention and reversal of chronic disease? Or perhaps you want to help loved ones who struggle with their health? Either way, please join our Carnivores Anonymous online meeting with health educator and nutrition consultant Lisa Karlan to hear her vegan story and receive healthy tips for vegan living!

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