VIDEO: Don't Let Animals Fall into the "Grocery Gap"

VIDEO: Don't Let Animals Fall into the "Grocery Gap"

Have you heard of the "grocery gap?" Dynamo food justice activist Brenda Sanders is fighting it to ensure everyone has access to food that's good for our bodies, the environment, and animals too.


If you're in the Baltimore area, check out Brenda's restaurant, The Greener Kitchen, her community resource center, Thrive Baltimore, and her festival Vegan SoulFest.

Watch her full presentation on “The Power of Community-Based Vegan Activism” featured in our Sustainable Activism online series.

Don't miss out! The Afro-Vegan Society empowers marginalized communities to fight injustice to all beings and take charge of their health. Learn how at the virtual conference on July 25.

Photos and videos are courtesy of Brenda Sanders.

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