VIDEO: Get Non Stop Loving on Valentine’s Day!

VIDEO: Get Non Stop Loving on Valentine’s Day!

For Activist Appreciation Month, we’re giving you an original gift – a love poem written especially for you and all animal activists everywhere who give so much of your lives to help animals.

Without your compassion, the animals would be defenseless. Thanks for all you do to protect animals and keep them safe from harm. Let’s celebrate our successes to stay uplifted so we can continue our efforts until everyone is free!

Actor, poet, and TedEx guest speaker Sean Hill honors your dedication to our animal friends with this soulful expression of gratitude. Enjoy and share his video performance of Non Stop Loving.


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Non Stop Loving by Sean Hill

"Everybody wants to change the world
but nobody wants to change" (-Tolstoy)
Well guess what? 
The definition of an activist
consists of a single person’s efforts
to promote, impede, direct or intervene 
in social, political, economic or environmental reform
in order to change the norms of society
so thank you 
for being someone who was & is always
willing to change
willing to jump inside yourself
and rearrange beliefs like a living room set 
I bet it wasn’t easy 
to be so overwhelmed with compassion and empathy 
you probably love life more than life itself 
willing to sacrifice your peace of mind
your family, your health
your own freedom to help animals get free 
so we all can coexist beautifully 
just look
at all you do:

Factory farm or slaughterhouse
cubes to demos to protests
marching in silence 
or out loud from sidewalks 
cow or pig vigil
vigilance & resilience 
in your brilliant defense of animals 
pamphlets handed out like candles 
helping people handle the light of awareness 
so they can see things inside
that maybe they were afraid of
or trying to hide like we all do 
at one point or another in our lives

When we see our past struggle in another’s eyes
it keeps our patience alive 
helps our compassion thrive
and handle the hatred 
we also confront for simply living a lifestyle
where we respect life so much
that we still connect to it when it’s dead on a plate
or being tortured in some galaxy
some place 
that’s not actually far, far away

As activists
we do our best to check our egos
and never laugh at this
people’s banishment of perspective 
ignorance of the importance
of animal liberation that we’re facing
the disconnection that others have 
we are connected to 
nonstop sometimes 
so much baggage, it's hard to travel 
feeling the weight of the world daily
knowing that If humans killed each other
at the same rate we kill animals
we’d be extinct in 17 days
and sometimes even fighting amongst ourselves
sends us on so many guilt trips
it’s like we forgot we are all
just like the 30 septillion atoms 
composing the same heart

But let’s not forget anymore
remember right now
beliefs haven’t made you a better person
your actions do
you put yourself on the line so many times
and maybe no one has put themselves out 
for you
you're so phenomenal at existing 
yes, you deserve to feel good
no, I won’t curve that compliment 
just as I give it
you can allow yourself to receive it
this is now an affirmational tool for you to use 
shape it how you need it 
take what works 
have the rest deleted if it pleases

This is a very friendly reminder
to treat yourself
as good as a friend you would help
this is a proclamation of gratitude for all of you

You are an animal too 
that needs liberating just as much 
as anyone else

This is for you
you who choose compassion over convenience 
every single day
you who lose so much past pain 
by creating a healthier and happier future now
you who never knew you’d choose such an impossible task
like bringing awareness and love to a world 
to only find out it’s more than possible

It’s logical, philosophical, and spiritually real

that empathy awakens 
when we reflect the truths of our identical connection to animals
then reflect what's happening to them in our world 
with each other
when we take the wool off of eyes
so those eyelids can open wide
see even the need for wool was a lie 
we got cotton, rayon, hemp, acrylic and nylon
plant based tires like Michelin 
keeps our cars rolling and animals living 
giving to companies like Lip Bar
MooShoes, the Vegan Scene is making sure
every animal is living serene
no need to be mean to others 
when they’re mean to you 
just make it a spa day and get a massage 
to self care, I dare you 
to take better care of you 
to love you better than anyone 
has ever loved you before
to make sure you
don’t put yourself in a mental cage too

but set yourself free this moment

take a breath in 

of how beautiful you are
of how much you have done
and feel the ease

seeping in

from another taste of

what you have accomplished so far

giving animals from beluga whales
to alpacas and pigs named Peanut a sanctuary 
gestation crates banned in 9 states
even back in 1983
you made history 
by making a prestigious place 
like UC Berkeley literally pay 
for their animal mistreatment in laboratories

Since 1970
the idea of speciesism
even since Jainism, Taoism, Hinduism, 
Buddhism, and Animism
a thousand years ago and more
even before 
Socrates & Pythagoras
up to Coretta Scott King
on with Vanessa Williams, Stevie Wonder, 
DiCaprio, Darren Aronofsky
Joaquin Phoenix, Ellen or Ellen Page, Badu, 
I mean whether Zac Efron or Thich Nhat Hanh
c’mon now!

As alone we may feel sometimes
you are never alone
we are all in this together
the vision to transform the world, 
elevate everyone’s innate potential
by teaching sacred respect for all life forms
we are committed 
to making this world free of exploitation
free to be a role model for a world full of creative compassion
everlasting persistence to pursue justice
and heighten our collective empathy 
to live in harmony with every fellow animal
and our earth who just doesn’t stop giving to us
so why would we ever
stop giving to it
thank you to every single
of you non stop loving activists

who believes in themselves

believes in each other

and believes

in changing yourself

to change the world


Sean Hill   (310) 415-2251 c.
     ~ Actor ~ Poet ~ Host ~ Human ~
          Passion, positivity, peace, 
              community, creativity, 
            connection, compassion.
             Disciplined & dedicated.  
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