VIDEO: Vegan Seder Makes History!

VIDEO: Vegan Seder Makes History!

Our Interfaith Vegan Coalition teamed up with Jewish Veg to offer our first Vegan Passover Seder in Los Angeles. Over eighty participants discovered the Passover connection to compassion for animals, concern for health, and care for the environment. 



Our video shows prominent rabbis extolling the virtues of veganism. During the Seder, Rabbi Jonathan Klein points out the connection between animal and human liberation and provides hope for Jewish animal advocates.

Jewish Veg helps people to embrace plant-based diets in accordance with Judaism’s highest ideals and is a proud member of our Interfaith Vegan Coalition, which offers faith-based vegan advocacy resources for animal activists. 

Video footage courtesy of Lisa Karlan, Senior Correspondent at JaneUnChained News Network.

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