Voice Your Opinion About Hurricane Florence’s Animal Death Toll

Voice Your Opinion About Hurricane Florence’s Animal Death Toll

Many animal activists were shocked by recent news reports showing millions of animals who drowned on confined factory farms during Hurricane Florence. How do you feel about the animal death toll during this natural disaster? What can we do to ensure this tragedy doesn’t recur? If you feel angry, grief-stricken, hopeless, and depressed, you’re not alone. Get support and strategize solutions during our online support group!

Voice your opinions and share your feelings by phone or computer on Thursday, October 25, 5-6pm PT (8-9pm ET) hosted by Sustainable Activism Campaign Director Lisa Levinson.

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Know fellow animal activists who need support? Invite them to join us! Share the Facebook event page.

Read this article and watch this JaneUnchained video coverage about the helpless confined animals who perished in the floods.

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