Wildfire Memorial Honors Animal Victims

Wildfire Memorial Honors Animal Victims

On a sunny day in December, In Defense of Animals and Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch co-hosted a memorial ceremony for animal victims of the wildfires that ravaged Northern California. We were honored to pay homage to the domestic and wild animals who lost their lives in the blazes that swept across their homeland and provide a safe space for communal healing. Neighbors and animal advocates joined in the ritual to bless the animals and their human families who lost everything.

Participants shared these reflections of the memorial:

“A beautiful day to remember what we lost and honor what we saved.” Belia-Eugenia Ramos, Chair, Board of Supervisors (Napa)

“In Defense of Animals, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. The memorial was beautiful, thoughtful, well planned, and extremely meaningful. I thought you honored all the animals, including my Giorgio.” Dixie Keith, resident who lost her beloved horse Giorgio in the wildfire (Napa)

Read a touching review of the ceremony here.

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