Ban Cruel Fur Sales in San Francisco!

Ban Cruel Fur Sales in San Francisco!

San Francisco is getting ready to make a very important decision this week: whether to ban the sale of cruel fur products. Animals brutally maimed by savage traps and suffering in torturous fur farms need your urgent support right now!

The fur industry confines and kills over 50 million animals every year, including dogs and cats. Many of the animals, like foxes, rabbits and minks are kept in small cages for their entire lives, severely limiting their natural activities. They often go insane from stress and boredom.

The brutal end to their lives often comes as they are gassed to death, or anally and vaginally electrocuted, in order to prevent damage to their skins. Other animals, like coyotes, are trapped in the wild where they are separated from their children and endure days of suffering before they are bludgeoned or shot to death.

Fur is processed into garments using caustic and often toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and chromium 33, which are listed as carcinogenic and hazardous to human health.

Given the inherent cruelty of fur, progressive cities such as West Hollywood and Berkeley have passed bans on fur products. Gucci, Michael Kors, and other designers have recently prohibited the use of fur in their fashion lines. And just a few days ago, the nation of Norway committed to ending its fur production, becoming the latest of a dozen countries that have passed national restrictions.

San Francisco is the home of the peace movement and is named after St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the natural environment. The city should honor its history and ongoing commitment to peace, animals, and the environment, by protecting the most vulnerable from cruelty and violence.

Please support the animals by signing the petition to pass this vital legislation. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, please join the rally on Wednesday. Animals just like our dogs and cats are counting on us, and they need your support!