Let’s Ban Fur in San Francisco on Fur Free Friday!

Let’s Ban Fur in San Francisco on Fur Free Friday!

Join us in taking action on Friday, November 24, as we march for the animals who lose their lives to the horrors of the fur industry, and for the right of every animal to be safe, happy, and free.

This year we will demand an end to the vile fur trade in San Francisco. Just recently, the city of Berkeley banned the sale of fur and now we are calling on San Francisco to do the same.

We encourage all forms of participation. Signs, flyers and animal masks will be provided. Please post any queries you have on the event page or email Melissa Flower.

WHAT: March to ban fur sales in San Francisco
WHEN: Friday, November 24, 11:00 AM
WHERE: Union Square, San Francisco
WHO: In Defense of Animals, Direct Action Everywhere, PETA, Bay Area Animal Save

Animals in fur farms live in tiny cages and are denied opportunities to engage in natural behavior. Many develop psychotic and abnormal behaviors – pacing back and forth endlessly, gnawing on their cage doors or even self-mutilation as they struggle to cope with the stress of being confined in unnatural, filthy conditions. The end is even worse: painful electrocution.

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You may have already signed our alerts to end the fur trade, and we thank you tremendously for that. However, we desperately need to keep the pressure on so that we can end animal abuse for fashion once and for all.

Please do whatever you can to join us on Fur Free Friday. Together we can make San Francisco a truly compassionate city and end animal suffering for fur!