WATCH: Plant-Based Fur Is Here! Plus Fur Free Friday Fun

WATCH: Plant-Based Fur Is Here! Plus Fur Free Friday Fun

Fur Free Friday is almost here, and we've got exciting news to share! We bring you an exclusive interview with BioFluff, the world’s first faux fur made from plants, an exclusive discount for cruelty-free designer wear, and many other ways to encourage a fur-free future!


Check Out BioFluff’s Plant-Based Fur

Imagine fur without the cruelty. BioFluff is on a mission to transform the fur industry with an alternative that doesn’t use animals or plastics. 

Martin Stübler’s remarkable journey from a mushroom leather workshop in San Francisco to working on leather alternatives at a tannery in Spain led to co-founding Biofluff with Ashwariya Lahariya. Learn how BioFluff's innovative process ensures that no animals are harmed during production, making it a game-changer in the fight against traditional fur's cruelty, toxicity, and sustainability concerns.

Urge Max Mara & Louis Vuitton to Go Fur Free

Despite the growing movement to end the use of fur, designers Max Mara and Louis Vuitton are still supporting cruelty. Let's encourage them to join other major designers, states, and countries that have already made the compassionate choice. 

Take action on our alert urging Max Mara to go fur free.

If you’re near Portland, Oregon, join us on Fur Free Friday, November 24, for a powerful demonstration outside Louis Vuitton. 

Your presence at the demonstration and your signature on the alert can help create a fur-free future, sparing countless animals from suffering.

Support Fur Free Retailers

Advocacy doesn't stop at demonstrations; it can continue right in your local stores. Our Fur Free Retailer window clings are the perfect tool to show your support for fur-free policies. The stickers link to which includes all kinds of resources to help end the use of fur. Ask your favorite shops to display them and encourage others to do the same. Keep the momentum going after Fur Free Friday and ask your retailers to pledge to go fur free, or advertise that they already are! Together, we can raise awareness and drive positive change by creating fur-free spaces in our communities.

Get a Discount at Delikate Rayne

If you're passionate about cruelty-free fashion, don't miss Delikate Rayne, a cruelty-free label created by two sisters whose commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion aligns perfectly with our mission to protect animals. By supporting brands like Delikate Rayne, we can make a significant impact and promote the growth of compassionate fashion alternatives. Join us in celebrating a future where fashion is beautiful and cruelty-free and get 20% off on Fur Free Friday with the code FURFREEIDA through December 1.

Fur Free Forever!

Thanks to your support, In Defense of Animals has been at the forefront of leading the campaign to end the cruel fur trade for three decades. We’ve been instrumental in helping to secure fur bans in San Francisco and California, as well as retailers and designers Sephora, Dolce & Gabbana, Neiman Marcus, Canada Goose, and Nordstrom. 

Consider supporting a more compassionate world for rabbits, minks, raccoons, coyotes, and foxes with a gift today.