Hawaii Residents: Save Animals by Banning Fur!

Hawaii Residents: Save Animals by Banning Fur!

As global demand for compassionately-made apparel grows, Hawaii moves closer to becoming the next state to ban the manufacture and sale of new animal fur products. Please urge the Hawaii State Senate to support a statewide fur ban! 

HB1689 has been introduced in Hawaii to make it unlawful to sell, offer for sale, display for sale, trade, or otherwise distribute a fur product for monetary or nonmonetary consideration in the state. The bill has passed the House of Representatives and now moves on to the Senate. Act now to make fur history in Hawaii!

Every year, 110 million animals die in fur farms and 16 million animals are trapped in the wild to produce fur products. Compassionate, forward-thinking consumers are rejecting the inherently cruel and outdated fur industry.

To produce a fur jacket, trim, or accessory, fur-bearing animals are held hostage on fur farms, where they are deprived of space, socialization, and everything wild animals need to thrive. To preserve their coats, coyotes, chinchillas, foxes, mink, rabbits, and other fur-bearing animals are often anally or vaginally electrocuted. They may also be bludgeoned to death or skinned alive. Animals wait in terror for their turn, and the brutal process continues. Furs from dogs, cats, raccoons, rodents and other animals are often undisclosed or intentionally mislabeled by manufacturers. Fur production is not only cruel, it also damages the environment and is hazardous to human health. Fur is often preserved with toxic, carcinogenic chemicals, which ultimately end up polluting the soil and waterways of surrounding habitats.

In October, California passed the first-ever statewide fur ban, and other states and cities, including Rhode Island and Minneapolis, are diligently working to follow suit. Designers from all over the world, including Gucci, Prada, and Michael Kors, have pledged to ditch fur. Giant retailers including Macy’s, Inc. and Bloomingdales, have also announced that animal fur will no longer be sold at its stores or online in 2021. Consumers continued to demand faux fur options that offer the look and feel of animal fur, only produced without cruelty.

What You Can Do:

Hawaii is known for its beautiful, tropical climate and rich culture rooted in the Aloha Spirit of love, compassion, and respect. Please support HB1689 in keeping with the views of compassionate, forward-thinking Hawaii residents who do not want to support an industry that confines, tortures, and kills innocent beings.

1. Please contact your one state senator to urge support of a statewide fur ban in 2021.

Please call your state senator by clicking here, entering your zip code, and selecting the Hawaii tab.

When you call, please state your name and city/town of residence. You may use this simple script:

Please support HB1689 to ban the sale and manufacture of fur products in the state. Compassionate Hawaii residents do not support animal cruelty for fashion.

2. Send our letter by filling out the form on this page. Personalization, especially in the opening sentence, is highly encouraged.



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