Join Us for Two Amazing Bay Area Animal Events

Join Us for Two Amazing Bay Area Animal Events

Two amazing events for animals are happening in the San Francisco Bay Area and we hope you'll take part! First, San Francisco is *very* close to becoming the first major city in the world to ban sales of fur. We will be marching this Saturday, March 24, to ensure it happens! Be a part this historic event and confirm now.

In May, activists from across the globe will converge in the Bay Area to put animal liberation into action! The Animal Liberation Conference runs from May 23-29 and will be a life-changing week, not just for activists who attend, but also for the animals we are helping together. Please register now to join us as we take an important stride toward making animal liberation a reality.

Register for the Animal Liberation Conference today and put liberation in action.

Don't wait to register for this very special event because tickets will likely sell out. We hope you will be there to learn, to connect, and save lives with us!

Finally, we are just a month away from getting an important measure on the ballot to end extreme confinement of farmed animals in California. We desperately need everyone in California who cares about animals to sign up right now to gather signatures. If you can fill just one sheet, you will make a big difference to help pass the world's strongest farmed animal protection law. Sign up now!

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