Urge New York Times to Reveal the Truth About Mustang Issues

Urge New York Times to Reveal the Truth About Mustang Issues

In 2017, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, David Philipps published a book titled Wild Horse Country, which details the blatant mismanagement of wild horse and burro herds by the Bureau of Land Management. Philipps’ recent article published in the New York Times paints a misleading picture which we must urgently address to save wild horse and burro herds! 

Wild Horse Country is beautifully written by the award-winning author and celebrates the desirable wildness of these resilient and tenacious freedom-loving creatures. The book also chronicles the long history of failed practices implemented by the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) wild horse and burro management program. These short-sighted, ineffective initiatives include the Bureau’s costly roundup and removal plans which have continually failed to achieve its goal of reducing herd sizes. The author also states the BLM’s roundup policy “literally sows corruption.” 

However, in his effort to remain a balanced journalist, Philipps presented the opinions of Bureau officials and ranchers, as well as some of the mismanagement problems, in an article published on March 22, 2020 of the New York Times. This article left New York Times readers who are unfamiliar with wild horse issues confused as to how to solve the problems in a humane manner. Unfortunately, Philipps offers no solutions or recommendations in this article as he did in his book.  The humane solutions that 80% of the American public seek to manage wild herds must be acted upon now! 

What you can do: 

1.  Call the New York Times National Desk, 212-556-4026. 

You may wish to say: 

The New York Times has occasionally published articles and op-eds regarding the problems and issues surrounding wild horse and burro herds in the Western states. These pieces reflect and rehash the policies and opinions of the Bureau of Land Management, which are often misleading half-truths. I request you publish the practical and viable solutions proposed by united wild horse and burro advocacy groups in their April 2018 document, “Moving Forward: A Unified Statement on the Humane, Sustainable, and Cost-Effective On-Range Management of America’s Wild Horses and Burros.” You can find this report with a simple online search. You can find this report at

2. Please follow-up up by sending our email (with your personal touch) to New York Times journalist and author David Philipps by filling out the form on this page.



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