Choose Animal-Friendly Halloween Decorations!

Choose Animal-Friendly Halloween Decorations!

‘Tis the season for spooky costumes, trick-or-treaters, and festive décor! Halloween decorations may be a fun treat for you and your family, but can easily become a cruel trick for animals. Find out which commonly used Halloween decorations should be avoided to keep animals out of harm’s way!

Fake spider webs pose a significant threat to animals when used outdoors. Owls, birds, insects, small rodents, and snakes can become entangled in these life-like webs. Once stuck, they are unable to break free from the strong, synthetic fibers. While fake spider webs may add a frightening effect to Halloween-themed decorations, they should only be used indoors and disposed of properly after use.

Decorations with small parts, like ornaments, can easily be consumed by animals causing choking, significant harm, or even death. Choose decorative items without small, detachable parts that cannot be eaten by wild animals or your furry companions.

String lights, rope, or lines can wrap around animals’ necks and limbs. Deer, rabbits, and even curious dogs or cats can become entangled causing strangulation, broken limbs, and extreme harm and stress.

Extension cords, like string lights, can potentially strangle or wrap around the legs of unsuspecting animals, or even shock them if they are not properly connected and secured.

Buckets of candy left outside for trick-or-treaters may seem like a thoughtful idea; however, this will invite wild animals, both large and small, to a free snack, creating a potentially dangerous situation for you, your guests, and the animals. In addition to consuming harmful ingredients not found in the wild, animals can choke on candy wrappers and may be faced with humans who may take forceful action to make them leave the scene.

Carved pumpkins left outdoors can attract animals to your home, potentially putting them in danger of cars, people, and other animals. Eating these foods can cause illness and spread disease.

Lit candles and open flames can lead to disaster. They can be easily knocked over, potentially causing fires and destroying animal habitats. Lit candles should only be used indoors and never left unattended!

During your holiday celebrations, keep an eye out for nocturnal animals who may become disoriented due to all of the nighttime activity, and stay mindful of the decorations you chose and where you place them. When in doubt, keep the decorations inside!

Thank you for acting in defense of animals this Halloween!



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