MEDIA RELEASE: Snoop FROGG Fights Coronavirus in the Classroom

MEDIA RELEASE: Snoop FROGG Fights Coronavirus in the Classroom

San Rafael, CA (Embargoed. Do not publish until April 1, 2020) — World-renowned rapper, producer, and entrepreneur, Snoop Dogg, has announced his official name change to the one and only Snoop F-R-O-double G. 

Snoop, named Calvin Cordozar Broadus at birth, is no stranger to the name-change game. This morning, the California-based rapper made another name switcheroo in support of animal-free dissection and frogs everywhere.

“Every year, millions of frogs are stolen from their habitats and killed for dissection. That is just too cruel for school,” said Snoop Frogg, with his mind on dissection and dissection on his mind.

This announcement comes as the world experiences unprecedented school shutdowns to slow community spread of the novel coronavirus, a disease that likely originated through the handling or consumption of a dead wild animal. The dangers posed by dead animals have never been more evident as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. 

For these reasons, In Defense of Animals has launched the Too Cruel for School campaign to teach students animal anatomy at home, without risking outbreaks of animal-borne diseases.

Just hours ago, Snoop Frogg urged his 18 million Twitter followers to hip-HOP over to to enroll in animal-free dissection lessons.


Snoop Frogg noted that frogs are facing their own pandemic in the form of the chytrid fungus, which has already wiped out wild populations and caused many species to become extinct. The switch to synthetic frogs in classrooms will have a major positive impact — potentially saving hundreds of thousands of frogs from being kidnapped from the wild and killed for the classroom.

“Here’s to knowledge without suffering,” toasted Snoop Frogg, a cup of gin and juice in one hand and a life-like SynFrog in the other, whom he dubbed, “Lil’ Ribbit.” 

“What could be better than humane education without having to leave your lily pad,” posited Snoop Frogg.

Eight years removed from his reggae rebirth as Snoop Lion, Snoop Frogg considered “The Caribbean Amphibian,” for his new name, but decided that Snoop Frogg was the superior moniker.

Snoop Frogg made headlines in November for working at Dunkin Donuts to launch the new Beyond Sausage Sandwiches, featuring Beyond Meat’s plant-based sausage. Big Snoop Frogg’s work on behalf of animals continues with fellow Beyond Meat spokesperson and the OG of West Coast sound, Martha Stewart, who is herself contemplating a name change to T.rue O.riginal A.merican D.esigner, or “TOAD.”

We are thrilled to share that just hours ago, critically acclaimed actor Walton Goggins, known for his roles in Vice Principals, Sons of Anarchy, Lincoln, and many more, was inspired by Snoop Frogg’s protest and now refers to himself as Walton Froggins. Walton Froggins is now urging American songwriter and guitarist Kenny Loggins to follow suit. We will keep you updated on this developing story.

Check for free teacher-led dissection lessons on Facebook Live, starting on March 31. 


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