Stop Gambia from Destroying Monkey Rainforest

Stop Gambia from Destroying Monkey Rainforest

The Gambian government in Western Africa is destroying vital animal habitats and delicate ecosystems to build convention centers, power plants, and Chinese fishmeal factories. Nyambai Forest Park is a reserve that’s home to animals already threatened by habitat loss. The Park is next on the country’s hit list, with clear-cutting in progress. Stop the Gambian government from sentencing this lush, fertile rainforest and all the unsuspecting wild animals who live there to an untimely death in the name of reckless development!

Nyambai is one of the biggest land reserves in Gambia’s west coast region and provides vital habitat for red monkeys, Nile crocodiles, antelopes, monitor lizards, spitting cobras, snakes, bats, and many species of birds.

Monkeys will be unable to gather food or find safety without their tree homes. Birds will be unable to nest when the trees are gone. Forest-dwelling animals must flee for their very lives as trees around them fall to the ground.

Workers have already started clear-cutting the Park and it is reportedly on the verge of becoming treeless.

Video footage shared with In Defense of Animals shows one small section of the recently-wrecked Forest. A Gambian activist explains with sorrow in his voice how clear-cutting is “destroying biodiversity and destroying our lives.”

Cutting down rainforests cuts off our clean air supply which is essential for everyone on Earth. Without Nyambai Forest, the people of Gambia will be first to feel the brunt of our planet’s climate crisis, robbing some of the poorest Gambians of fertile soil and clean drinking water.

Local activists, wildlife experts and the other animals they’re desperately trying to save need your help right now to stop this massive unregulated deforestation. Join our efforts to save Nyambai Forest Park and all the animals who live there.

What YOU Can Do:

Please make calls if possible and then send our letter to stop the Gambian government from building a power plant in Nyambai Forest Park.

1. If you’re in Africa or able to make international calls, please contact the officials below urging them to stop clear-cutting Nyambai Forest Park and urging them to cancel their plans to build a power plant in the area.

Muhammed Jaiteh, Director of Forestry, phone +220 4227307

Abubakarr Jallow, Principal Climate Change Officer Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, phone +2203653113

Hon. Sainey Touray, Environmental Committee Chairperson (National Assembly) +220 2330199

Muhammed Ndaw, Sustainable Development Committee (National Assembly) +220 7787460

Farfanding Kinteh, National Environmental Agency +220 3022259

Modoulamin Kassama, Director of Parks and Wildlife +220 3903511

Kawsu Jammeh, Senior Wildlife Officer, Department of Parks and Wildlife Management Abuko +220 2779223

Abdoulie Sawo, Senior Wildlife Officer, Department of Parks and Wildlife Management Abuko +220 2308020

2. No matter where you live, please fill out the form on this page to send a message by email.

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