Stop Lion & Tiger Deaths & Disappearances at Russian Zoo

Stop Lion & Tiger Deaths & Disappearances at Russian Zoo

Suspicious deaths and disappearances plague Zoougolok, a government-owned zoo located in Simferopol, Crimea in Russia where wild animal predators suffer from hunger and unsanitary conditions in tiny enclosures. We must demand justice for Altai the tiger and all the other animals who have died or disappeared without a trace from disgraceful Zoougolok!

For years, activists have documented substandard living conditions of animals at Zoougolok. Now, suspicious deaths and disappearances are piling up: Tyson the lion, two lion cubs, Kira the Amur tigress, Altai the tiger and two young mountain lions. Despite public outcry, no improvements have been made to improve horrific living conditions at the Zoo. According to Elena Grebenyuk, a resident of Simferopol who visited Altai the tiger regularly, he suffered from hunger and unsanitary conditions until his mysterious death on April 7.

First, Zoougolok staff claimed that Altai was transported to Taigan Safari Park, which was an outright lie. Within days, the Zoo’s director admitted that Altai was dead, "as a result of the general anesthesia procedure while attempting to move him from one cage to another." No proof of death or official cause of death was presented.

Video taken by caring Russian animal activists shows unacceptable living conditions at Zoougolok for large cats including a leopard who is seen pacing and circling a barren concrete cage. This is likely a sign of zoochosis, a mental illness caused by the stress of captivity.



Animal activists also exposed the practice of animals at Zoougolok being fed with piles of rotten meat.

All predators including lynx, leopards, mountain lions, tigers, lions, bears, and wolves should be removed from the failing Simferopol Zoo, Zoougolok, immediately. These animals must be moved to better facilities that are equipped to handle the needs of predatory species so they can receive the professional care that Zoougolok clearly can't provide.

What YOU Can Do:  

Join us to demand the immediate criminal investigation of Altai's death and the deaths and disappearances of other animals including Siberian tigress Kira, whose species should have experienced the protection by President Putin’s Amur Tiger Protection Program and a transfer of the animals from the Zoo. Please make a call if possible and then send our letter.

1. If you’re in Russia, please call the Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey V. Aksyonov and urge him to investigate animal deaths and disappearances of tigers and other animals at Zoougolok.

+7(3652) 555577

2. No matter where you live, please fill out the form on this page to send a message to the Head of the Republic of Crimea, Sergey V. Aksyonov, urging him to investigate the suspicious animal deaths and disappearances at Zoougolok.


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